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Sayonara no, Sono Toki Made

Ryuka lives in a village deep in the snowy mountains. One day he stumbles upon an injured beast man named Velk. He nurses him to health and the two wind up living together. Velk wants to mate with Ryuka but Ryuka is hesitant and wants to keep their relationship vague…

Animal Characteristics

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Kuro Neko wa Ookami Ouji-sama no Yume o Miru ka

Kuroneko wa Ookami Ouji no Yume o Miru ka by Nodu Udon

Ookami wa Tantei o Tabetai

Ookami wa Tantei wo Tabetai by Omura You

Suzu Hebi Kyuuairon by Natsuo Nna

Yoichi to Tsugumo

Yoichi to Tsugumo by Kuku Hayate

Daraku Kazokuron

Ririko passed away, leaving behind her young daughter, Meguru, and a will. In the will she states that Meguru should get to know both Touma and Sentarou, then choose which one she wants to be her father. Now, a young Meguru has to live together with the squabbling duo for the next 3 months.

Who will she choose to be her papa?!


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Fascination Melt

Fascination Melt by Machida Tomato

Hallelujah baby Volume 2

Hallelujah Baby by Kojima Lala

kimi to unmei

Kimi to Unmei ni Tsuite no Hanashi ga Shitai by Aoume Ao

Neko x Neko v3

Neko x Neko by Tatsumoto Mio

Unmei no Hito to Deaeru Koisuru Apuri v2

Unmei no Hito to Deaeru Koi suru Appli

One day at school, a friend shows Hiroto Kyono a new app called “Meet your Soulmate”.

However, Kyono is indifferent to love and doesn’t believe in fortune-telling apps…until Kyono meets a guy on the train who looks exactly like how the app described his soulmate!

Could this guy really be his soulmate? How can Kyono close the distance between them so they can become friends? And then something more?

Highschool Romance

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Project cover for Ero yume Aquarium

Ero Yume Aquarium by non food

Konya Bed de Matte Iro

Konya Bed de Matte Iro by Saikawa Fuyu

Muchuu ni naru yo by Amamiya

Seventeen Syrups by Arata Licca

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