Ask Affection

Ask Affection 4.8 (4)

Sakuma Hiroto is a gay who detests his own unfortunately good looking face, although it was supposed to be one of his strong points, along with the fact that he’s only ever approached by “men who are only interested in his face or body.” He was desperate, as the men he dated were no exception to this. After getting drunk because of such bad experiences in love, he falls over the roadside, and is then picked up and looked after by the popular male AV actor, Oogami…?!

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Ote, Osuwari, Kiss

Ote, Osuwari, Kiss 3 (4)

One day, the overworked researcher Koki discovers a “dog” lying unconscious at the foot of his apartment complex and decides to bring it home. The next day, Koki wakes up to an unknown man in his apartment! Is he a burglar?! Amidst Koki’s panic, the man transforms into the “dog” he found last night and starts talking…! “Koki, I’m the dog you saved! Thank you, you’re really kind!”

Thus starts the duo’s life in the shared apartment as pet(?) and owner…?! A loving story about the lives of a handsome human-transforming dog and a fussy scientist under one roof!

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Graceful Days of the Lazy Demon King

Datsuryoku Kei Maou-sama no Yuuga na Hibi 0 (0)

The current demon king holds immense demonic powers but finds everything to be extremely bothersome. He’s fed up with Rudy, his personal attendant who is always scolding him. Rudy asks him to act more “king-like.” Instead, he enjoys his lazy days, calling all things bothersome.

One day, because of his lack of ambition and desire, he was questioned if he even felt lust. As expected of the king who finds everything bothersome, he appointed Rudy as his nightly partner in order to silence him. To his surprise, Rudy agrees and suddenly pushes down the demon king…?!

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Furmuite Yukino chan

Furimuite Yukino-chan 5 (4)

“Have you possibly fallen in love with me?”

”Yukino-chan” helped Arata who wasn’t able to attend school. He frequently talks with her on social media despite not knowing what she looks like. Turns out, ‘she’s’ a guy?! Despite being confused, this feeling of love won’t stop growing towards Yukino-san who’s kind even in real life.”

Someday, if Arata’s feelings go overboard and a confession slips out… will Yukino-san look back?!

An earnest love that doesn’t stop even when hurt.

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Hiyo-chan Koi wo Suru

Hiyo-chan Koi wo Suru 5 (2)

Yoh and Komiya, two boys with brother complexes, start pretending to date. Even though it started out as a plan to make their brothers realize their importance, before they knew it, they started enjoying “fake dating”… To top things off, Komiya, who starts to find Yoh’s pureness irresistibly cute, couldn’t help but kiss him??

“Should I teach you a kiss that’ll make you melt?”

“I don’t mind anything if it’s you, Senpai??”

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Hana to Sumi

Hana to Sumi 4.5 (2)

Eijun, an up-and-coming calligraphy artist has had one sided feelings for his childhood friend Kouki, who is a flower arrangement practitioner, for 7 years. Ever since becoming aware of his romantic feelings in high school, he hasn’t been able to properly talk to him.

But one night, Eijun was invited by Kouki to drink at home. Elated, he confesses his feelings to Kouki after getting himself dead drunk. Despite thinking he’d be rejected by Kouki, Kouki actually gets turned on instead. He tells Eijun, who has grown confused between pleasure and doubt, “I’ll put it in here next.”

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Pink Heart Jam

Pink Heart Jam 4.2 (5)

Country boy Haiga has many questions he wants to learn the answers to when he moves to the bustling capital for his university life – and one of them happens to be, “do I like guys, too?” When his upperclassmen dare him to check out a box spa behind Shinjuku’s Nichoume District, Haiga uses this opportunity to find out the answer to his question – and runs into his senior Kanae, who has one simple solution for him – clothes, off!

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Kimi wa Hiniku na Kira Kira Hoshi

Kimi wa Hiniku na Kira Kira Hoshi 5 (3)

Ayumu is a stage play actor who uses his attractive looks as a weapon. In the next job, he has to co-act with the promising and talented young actor, Yuusei. Ayumu seems to unable to leave the unsociable Yuusei alone and keeps pestering and teasing him during rehearsal. Then one day, he accidentally witnesses a scene of carnage between Yuusei and a senior actor, Tsukasa?! Moreover, Tsukasa will also perform on the same stage?! A love strategy of the young actors who strive to be a star!!

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