Kino to Yano

Kino to Yano 5 (1)

“I want to do more dirty things with you.”

Kinoshita is a handsome high school student who is slightly thick in the head, and has fallen in love with his cool classmate, Yano. Kino believed that he would be satisfied with just being friends, while he’d have sexual fantasies of Yano, but a seat rearrangement misunderstanding pushes him to confess to him…

Fugai Nai Koi

Fugai Nai Koi 5 (2)

Yukito’s love for his older childhood friend, Keiichi, has only grown more complicated, and has led him to have physical relationships with several men. Yukito has led a debauched lifestyle, but after a few years, he meets Keiichi again. For Keiichi’s sake, he resumes his role as the childhood friend. However, one night, when Keiichi comes over to stay, Yukito’s sexual desires causes him to masturbate while thinking of him.

He meets a sex friend one day without Keiichi’s knowledge, but unexpectedly, he was discovered…?!

Nakanai Hibari

Nakanai Hibari 5 (1)

Why do you bear no grudge towards me? Why do you like me? I know how you feel about me, yet I pretend not to notice…

Kyosumi, an up-and-coming photographer lives with his late best friend’s younger brother, Hibari. He looks after Hibari as he feels responsible for the death of his best friend as well as colleague. Kyosumi has sworn an oath to be Hibari’s family, after he had lost his only blood relative.

I took your loved one away from you.

However, Hibari has feelings for Kyosumi which he cannot tell him about…?