Kuro Neko wa Ookami Ouji-sama no Yume o Miru ka

Kuro Neko wa Ookami Ouji-sama no Yume o Miru ka 5 (1)

“I want to give my virginity to my ideal prince, Yukio-san, who’s an AV actor!”

It’s a world where humanity is divided into canines (dominants) and felines (recievers). Being one of the most common and numerous domesticated cat among the felines, Aoi Natsuyama’s dream is to get married to his ideal prince! Aoi, who earnestly fell in love with the refreshing handsome wolf prince Yukio after discovering him in a DOG x CAT AV, jumps into the world of AV to somehow get closer to him. However, it turns out Yukio’s personality is neither refreshing nor kind?!

Welcome to the Kemomimi world ☆

A two faced wolf prince and a strong-willed dreamer cat. It’s a cute and naughty Cinderella love!

Project cover for Ero yume Aquarium

Ero Yume Aquarium 5 (5)

I, Hiroto Yuri, have apparently become a pervert. Lately, I keep seeing erotic dreams where sea creatures are playing with me. And all while Ogasawara-kun, the marine biology nerd, watches me! I honestly didn’t understand all of his geeky sea creature talk at first.

But… I’ve always tried to act “normal” by hiding the fact that I’m gay, so I became attracted to how he’s true to himself and doesn’t care about what other people think. When I realized that I liked him, my dreams became even more obscene, and I even got aroused at the aquarium… What the hell is happening to me…!? 


Daiji ni Suru Kara Tabete Ii 0 (0)

Kumagae, who’s only had bad rumors about him go around school since admission, becomes an isolated existence in class. For one of their lessons, Akira pairs up with Kumagae. Through this incident, something strikes a chord in Kumagae and he becomes attached to Akira.

Whatever Akira says, he does. Wherever Akira goes, he goes. Kumagae’s change in attitude causes a stir around them.

“A really wacky guy’s started liking me…!” Even so, why can’t Akira leave him alone…?

Attention-seeking ex-lone wolf X Soft puppy-like owner – A love story where possessiveness meets neediness!

Kawaii Kara Kimi Ga Warui

Kawaii Kara Kimi Ga Warui 4 (1)

Yukito is an average high school student with a gorgeous and outstanding twin sister, whose only similarity she shares with him is her face. Yukito, who’s always getting compared to his sister, also has someone he likes – that person being his cousin, Taiki. There are rumors of the cool and popular Taiki and Yukito’s sister liking each other. The relationship between Taiki and Yukito had become one where they’d both grown reserved around another, but using the preparations for the school festival as an opportunity, Yukito and Taiki both quickly grow close again! Yukito’s heart wouldn’t stop racing after being saved by Taiki when he was being troubled…! Moreover, in an unexpected turn of events, the two of them started sharing “”a secret””…?

The secret love between two cousins!