Attachment Love 5 (4)

One night, Hiyama, a police officer working in a small neighborhood police station, provides counselling for a college student, Okazaki, who had attempted to flash his body at people. Hiyama, unable to leave the naive Okazaki alone, who only resorted to what he did as he was unable to properly vent out his peculiar fetish, called out to Okazaki asking, “If you’re fine with me, shall I keep you company?” And from then on, the days of their secret meetings kept from everyone in a unrecognized hotel began…?!

Hunter and Snow

Hunter and Snow 0 (0)

The third son of the Dong Hai dragon palace who was born with a useless dragon soul? And he wants to become the hero of the dragons? That’s ridiculous!

Ao xue grew up despised by everyone and never thought he’d have a chance to get close to the person that he longed for. Luckily, a dazzling beam of light began shining on his life……