Undead 4.2 (16)

The world has fallen to ruin due to an unknown virus that brings the dead back to life as zombies that attack people.

Hikaru is a high school student who was attacked by his zombified mother. He escaped together with his childhood friend, Ai, whom he looked up to as an older brother. However, Hikaru is unable to accept the misfortune that suddenly befell him. On the other hand, Ai, who has watched over Hikaru since they were young…

Can love be obtained in
a world that has fallen into ruins?!

An apocalyptic BL to watch out for!

Milk Tea

Milk Tea 4 (1)

My first impression of him was the worst. Nariyuki Kishibe is my uncle’s close friend and my aunt’s childhood friend. All he does is joke around and say inappropriate things. Mamoru, who stayed at his uncle’s house when he went to college, is sick of Nariyuki’s persistent teasing every time they meet. However, during times when he shows his cool and adult side, Mamoru’s heart also flutters.One day, when Mamoru stayed over at Nariyuki’s house, both of of them shared a passionate desire on the bed?! Nariyuki, who woke up from his sleep, kissed Mamoru and then did XXX?!