Kei x Yaku: Dangerous Partners 4.9 (63)

Ichiro, an investigator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau, under the order of his superior, approaches Shiro, a yakuza who is engaging in sexual companionships with politicians, in order to investigate and monitor him. However, he unexpectedly finds out that Shiro is the younger brother of his senior investigator. Ichiro, who always wanted to find his senior who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, secretly teams up with Shiro, and the two of them decide to solve the mystery of his senior’s case. While they pretend to be lovers in order to deceive Ichiro’s boss…

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Konya Bed de Matte Iro

Konya Bed de Matte Iro 4.6 (24)

Childhood friends, Kagetora and Haruta, are a super lovey-dovey high-school couple! After finally going steady with Haruta, who he has always liked, Kagetora is on cloud nine!!! … Or he should be, but for some reason, he keeps desperately avoiding all of Haruta’s “invitations”. The reason is because Kagetora’s beep is beep?!

It’s the battle of love between an offensive uke who wants to become one with the one he loves, and a defensive seme who doesn’t want to lay hands on the one he loves!

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Tsurumaki Sensei

Tsurumaki Sensei no Sakka Seikatsu 4.5 (2)

Living under one roof with a demon who aspires to be a literary master!

Maki Daigo is a young man whose bonds with people have been weak his entire life. One day, a strange man calls out to him and asks, “How ‘bout you help me with my work?” The suspicious but beautiful man is Ichii, who is actually a demon!

Ichii’s dream is to become a literary legend in the human world, and he’s finally accomplished his debut as an author.

So Maki becomes Ichii’s vassal after signing a contract with him. Since Ichii can’t show his true form when it comes to work matters, Maki’s job as Ichii’s human substitute is to pretend to be “Tsurumaki-sensei, the author.” Then they start living together, but…!?

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Guide to Translation Document Setup 0 (0)

Guide to Translation Document Setup Setting up your translation document As a translator you are required to have access to either Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Note that when turning in your translations you are required to convert it to a .doc file. Google Docs has the option to save as .doc so please make…

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Guide for Translation Resources 0 (0)

Guide for Translation ResourcesWebsite ResourcesRecommended Sites for Chinese Translators To be updated. Recommended Websites for Japanese Translators DMM: Great for dictionary purposes and for looking up phrases. Jisho: Great for dictionary purposes and for looking up Kanji. TheJadedNetwork: Great for looking up SFXs. Weblio: Great for dictionary purposes and for finding synonyms. Recommended Websites for…

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Kojirase Junai Monster

Kojirase Junai Monster 5 (1)

“A collaboration where you act out the scenarios I write! In other words, sex?!”

Satake, a screenwriter and casual stalker, hides his identity while chasing after his middle school classmate, Yoshiya, a rising young actor. One day, the video game Satake worked on is set for a drama adaptation, with Yoshiya playing the main character.

While Satake’s excited to get up close and personal with his favorite actor (person), it turns out Yoshiya actually remembers him. And to top it all off, Yoshiya gives him a blowjob out of the blue?! A pure and erotic love session between a broody otaku and a bright young actor!

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Font List and Download 0 (0)

GG Font List and DownloadStaple GG Fonts for Typesetting CCTimSale for dialogue Laffayette Comic Pro for narration/thought DJB Almost Perfect for side text CC Victory Speech Lowercase Bold for translator’s note GG Guides on Scanlation:Resources 0 (0) 0 (0) Cleaners 0 (0) 0 (0) Quality Control 0 (0) 0 (0) Raw Providers 0 (0) 0…

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