Ai no Su e Ochiro!

Ai no Su e Ochiro! 5 (1)

“I didn’t think senpai would be like this!!!”

By coincidence, the low-class gossamer-winged butterfly Tsubasa catches sight of the son of a distinguished tarantula family, Nagumo Sumiya. Saved by his words, Tsubasa holds admiration for him. From a single glance, he wants to meet him, and he enrolls in Sumiya’s school Seihoku Academy, where only the elite gather. However, hardships due to his low-class awaited him there. On top of that, Sumiyaーhis only hopeーtosses him aside, saying, “I hate gossamer-winged butterflies.” Tsubasa had believed that he would be acknowledged and becomes depressed. At that time, he becomes trapped in the web that Sumiya had laid, where he’s injected with an aphrodisiac venom and is held down…?

An academy caste love story between an arrogant tarantula X a gossamer-winged butterfly with admirable reasons.

Hana Saku Bokura no Koi Wazurai

Hana Saku Bokura no Koi Wazurai 3 (6)

In middle school, when Outa had to move schools, he told his best friend, Tomoaki, but all that Tomoaki had to say were the cold words, “It can’t be helped.” Outa was expecting him to say that he would miss him, and he was so shocked that he ended up moving schools without even saying goodbye.

Time has passed since then, and Outa is now in college and determined to enjoy his student life on his own. One day, he ran into Tomoaki, whom he did not want to meet again.

Outa found it awkward, and tried to put some distance between them, but Tomoaki kept talking to him for some reason!

Kimi no Amai ni oi

Kimi no Amai ni oi 5 (1)

Kouta and Tougo are childhood friends who live in Kansai. Kouta, who loves sweets, made a promise with the successor of a Japanese confectionery shop, Tougo, when they were kids, being that they would get married if the latter could make delicious Kaiten-yaki. After becoming high school students and confirming that neither of their feelings have changed, they became lovers and were lovey dovey every day. Though recently, a popular western confectionery shop has opened nearby, and Tougo’s shop is in a big pinch! Furthermore, when Kouta accepts an invitation from the handsome store manager of the western confectionery shop, Satoru, the relationship between the Kouta and Tougo takes a turn for the worst…?!

Souteigai no Sweet Marriage

Souteigai no Sweet Marriage 5 (3)

“Shall we get married?” — A fake marriage between two men?!

Yuuki Ritsu, a cool-headed and serious office worker, was suddenly proposed to by his colleague and rival Honjou Haruma, due to some special circumstances.

With same-sex marriage becoming possible in Japan, the people around the single, 29-year old Ritsu had been constantly nagging at him to get married soon.

On the other hand, Haruma had found himself in a bind due to his uncontrollable popularity. With Haruma’s suggestion of a marriage that would benefit both parties, Ritsu decided to accept his proposal in order to escape from the corner he was driven into. Little did he know that married life with Haruma, who loves taking care of others, would be so comfortable… Plus, he gives massages that are out of this world…!

Although it started with a lie, a sweet and delicious marriage love between the two single, handsome office workers in their thirties starts to bloom!