kimi to unmei

Kimi to Unmei ni Tsuite no Hanashi ga Shitai 4.4 (16)

Even if we’re both beta and even if we’re not a fated pair, it’ll be fine. Our relationship won’t change, ever—
Hibiki is a salaryman who has been living together with his high school sweetheart, Koushiro, for 10 years. When they had just met each other, they were convinced that they were a fated pair, but their gender tests revealed that they were both beta. Even though other gay couples can be blessed if they are a “fated pair,” it vexes them they can’t even hold hands in front of people. They tell themselves that if they love each other, all will be fine, but trivial things make them more anxious each day… But they hear about a misdiagnosis of the gender test one day…!?

Koi to Sentimentalism

Koi to Sentimentalism 0 (0)

Kento is alone after his fiancée, who was also his coworker, eloped with his boss. Tomoya is left with a scarred heart and has become cowardly due to a past relationship. The two meet in a town surrounded by calming nature and a sky full of stars, and then…?!

Along with “Storm of Stars”, this volume also includes “Lips and Coffee”, a story of the daily harassment of a café worker by an executive manager of a big company, “Rather than Talking Back”, a story between a white-coat doctor and an EMT in scrubs, and much more!

Amai Daizai

Amai Daizai 4 (7)

“I love Ryuuji more than as a brother.”

Maki and Ryuuji are blood brothers. Maki had been prone to sickness ever since he was a child, and thus spent a long time in the hospital. Ryuuji, Maki’s energetic brother who’s younger than him by 3 years, would visit him everyday. To Maki, he was adorable and dear. Ryuuji loved moving his body around, and would dance in front of Maki. The former eventually started taking dancing classes. Little by little, their lives started to move away from each other. Days and months passed, Maki was discharged from the hospital and became a college student, while Ryuuji became a high school student. They were finally able to live in the same house as a “family”, however Maki slowly began to realise a “sense of discomfort towards Ryuuji” in his heart. Finally, when Ryuuji decides to debut under a group called “Spica”…?