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Guide for Translation ResourcesWebsite ResourcesRecommended Sites for Chinese Translators To be updated. Recommended Websites for Japanese Translators DMM: Great for dictionary purposes and for looking up phrases. Jisho: Great for dictionary purposes and for looking up Kanji. TheJadedNetwork: Great for looking up SFXs. Weblio: Great for dictionary purposes and for finding synonyms. Recommended Websites for…

Kojirase Junai Monster

Kojirase Junai Monster 5 (1)

“A collaboration where you act out the scenarios I write! In other words, sex?!”

Satake, a screenwriter and casual stalker, hides his identity while chasing after his middle school classmate, Yoshiya, a rising young actor. One day, the video game Satake worked on is set for a drama adaptation, with Yoshiya playing the main character.

While Satake’s excited to get up close and personal with his favorite actor (person), it turns out Yoshiya actually remembers him. And to top it all off, Yoshiya gives him a blowjob out of the blue?! A pure and erotic love session between a broody otaku and a bright young actor!