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Our group originally started in 2012, but we went into hiatus in 2015 and restarted as Good Girls in 2020.

We solely work on boys’ love manga, while trying to dabble into Boys’ Love manhua (Chinese webtoons).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a scanlation group?

Scanlation groups provide fan translations of manga, manhua and manwha. It is a fan-to-fan service, which mean that we are simply devoted fans who want to provide the opportunity for others to enjoy the works of the authors and artists that we love. We do not gain any profit from this – all donations we receive go into buying manga so we can translate it, or into maintaining our servers so we can distribute the projects. 

These days many scanlation groups use digital raws (the raw, unedited mangas/manhuas/manhwas), but originally groups would scan mangas released in magazines and books, which is why we’re called scanlation groups!

Who are Good Girls Scan BL?

We are a group of dedicated fans who scan, translate, clean, redraw, typeset, and QC manga, manhua, and manhwa from Japanese/Chinese/Korean so that others can read it.

We are led by a group of chiefs who dedicate their free time to ensuring high quality fan translations that fit the respect we have for the authors of the works we translate.

Despite our name, though, we’re not just girls. Our staff comprise of men and women from across the globe, in all ages, and all walks of life. We even have a resident orange! Everyone is welcome.

What happened to Girls’ Generation?

Good Girls Scans is the reincarnation of an older group that was called Girls Generation. Some years ago their leader, Yuffie, took a long break due to real life commitments, and the group disbanded. A few years later Yuffie returned and started a new group using the assets and skills from the old group.

Why are we mentioning this? Well, it’s because you might notice that, on our site, we have projects from Good Girls Scans and also from Girls Generation, so we hope this may clear up any confusion! 

Not the same group on the outside, but the same heart.

What kind of projects does Good Girls Scans work on?

We mainly release yaoi/shounen-ai works – Boy’s Love. There are some shoujo and a little seinen and gender bender series, so who knows, maybe one dayh we’ll have a division for all types of genres!

What are BL, Shounen-Ai, Yaoi, Seinen, and Shoujo?

Since you’re on our site you probably already know, but just in case:


  • BL – BL is Boy’s Love, it’s the western term for Shounen Ai. Shounen ai (少年愛) translates as “Boy” and “love” and refers to the romantic relationships between two men. Boy’s Love stories tend to focus on romance, sex, and the barriers society poses to same sex relationships.
  • Shounen ai – see above.
  • Yaoi – the term is basically synonymous with Boy’s Love, but can also refer more to the physical/sexual relationship facet of Boy’s Love. The oposite of this is Yuri manga – girl’s love manga.
  • Seinen – this term describes stories mostly targeted towards young adults, especially young adult men. “Seinen” (青年/ せいねん) means “youth”/”Young male”. Similarly, manga aimed at adult women is called “josei” (女性) and for young women it’s called shoujo ((少女) manga. This group focuses mostly on BL, however.

What’s your policy on license issues?

We respect the mangakas and artists of the words we translate, and only seek to make their work accessible to audiences outside of Japan. 

We don’t want to cause them harm at all, which is why as soon as a series is licensed into English we remove all our links and drop the project.

We also encourage our readers to purchase the original works in Japanese/Chinese/Korean even if they don’t speak the language, just to support the authors.

How can I read your releases?

You can access our downloads through our current project list or read it online on Mangadex. We only ask that you do not reupload our chapters onto other sites, especially social media sites! 

How long does it take to release a chapter?

This is a very difficult question to answer. Each series is unique in it’s requirements, and each member of staff is unique too. Since we’re all volunteers with real lives, sometimes we have commitments or circumstances that hinder our volunteer work. And since it is volunteer work we don’t ask anyone to work on anything they don’t want to do!

Depending on the length of each chapter, the complexity of translating, cleaning and typesetting it, the avilability of interested staff members, and the backlog of other projects, the length of time it takes to release a chapter is unpredictable. 

Can I retranslate your work into another language?

Sure thing! No need to ask us for permission. Once it’s on the internet anyone can have a claim on it. The only thing we ask is that you include our credit and recruitment page. We’d also suggest that you don’t retranslate projects that are licensed in your language.

Do you do collaboration projects?

Yes we do! If you’re interested in working together on a collab then please reach out to us via Discord or use our contact form.

We work with both English and International teams. So as long as the interest in the manga is mutual, we’ll most likely be able to form a joint project.
 Just make sure to include your group’s name, website, series of interest, what our duties will be to complete in the joint, and reason for the joint. We can provide any positions as long as we’re interested in the proposed series.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with us using our discord, our contact form, or by e-mailing [email protected]

Why do you need donations?

As a non-profit group, we depend on donations to buy raws for faster and higher-quality work, as well as server costs to pay. As thanks, we let donors (VIPs) download private projects and releases before the official public release. Also, projects suggested by a VIP will have a higher chance to be picked up.

What's your stance on sniping?

We never ever snipe! We almost always start each project from the first chapter (chapter 1) , and we try our best to see it all the way through. There are some cases where we’ll pick something up that another group dropped, but we usually wait at least for 6 months of inactivity. Sometimes we wind up working on the same series as another group, but that’s only because we don’t know what each and every group is up to. Depending on how far along we are with the cleaning and translating, we might not drop it after finding out another team is working on it as well. Instead we’ll just continue working on it and release as we go because we’re starting from the first chapter. We don’t care if another group does the same thing since we don’t consider it as sniping if both teams start from chapter 1.

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