Projects starting with the letter A through J.

A beautiful Affection

A Beautiful Affection 4 (4)

Once every day, Jiwoon confesses his love for Sejin, a student at the same university. Sejin always turns him down, telling him that Jiwoon would not like his preferences. However, they eventually become lovers, after Jiwoon promises him that he will never leave him.

Jiwoon is happy to get close to Sejin, but Sejin starts revealing his secretive and sadistic preferences little by little. Inhyuk, Jiwoon’s friend who has had a secret crush on him, remembers Sejin’s past and worries for Jiwoon.

And so, Inhyuk starts a psychological war with Sejin while lingering around Jiwoon…!

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Jousou Layer ga Joushi ni Baretara Shinuru 5 (10)

I don’t want my life to end while I’m still a crossdresser who’s a virgin! But what I don’t want even more is to be filmed and fawned over!

Yuuto, the fresh recruit being pushed around by his playboy boss, Sayama, is actually a big otaku cosplayer who pretends to be a girl online with over 500,000 followers. Panicking upon finding out Sayama is a big fan of his, he momentarily feels relieved to know that his identity had not been discovered. Sayama has made Yuuto work overtime again today, but the latter is in high spirits. Tomorrow, he’s getting a cameraman he admires to take his photo. However, the person who shows up the following day is Sayama…?!

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I Hate 0 (0)

27-year-old Nozomi Hirose has dated girls before, but he’s never even been able to kiss any of them. He puts all the blame for his little problem on his old high school classmate Kiriya, who randomly asked if they can be kissing buddies – friends who kiss sometimes. What happens when they meet again as adults, ten years after Hirose ran out on a kiss that went on for way too long?

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Haru no Nioi 0 (0)

With a beautiful face and a delicate build, he comes in every month on the same day to buy flowers, but who are they for? How to work up the nerve to talk to him? Or would it be weird to talk to him after all this time…? This collection of short stories features sweet agonizing love, guided by the scent of spring. Read on to view the buds that have sprouted in their two hearts burst into bloom…

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Ikenai Ezuke Keikaku 0 (0)

A collection of oneshots.

3) Somebody as beautiful as you is only for me
Architect Akitsu has a beautiful face… and that’s all people care about! When a stranger named Tenouji confesses to him, Akitsu is sure Tenouji will leave after seeing his personality. But maybe Akitsu is falling for Tenouji, just a little…?

4) Hoarding all of your heat
Takano, from chapter 2, is back with his own love story. Still hung up on Suzukawa, what happens when Takano gets drunk and sleeps with another co-worker who’s name is also Suzukawa?!

5) After school dating
Mizushima-sensei just started teaching at an all boys school in the city… and he’s fallen for his student?! Sakiya Hayato is a troublesome boy who always skips class… can Sensei capture the cute “sweet-toothed hottie”?

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Ichigo to Anzu 0 (0)

Biological twins–and they couldn’t be more different. Friendly outgoing Anzu is in love with Makoto, but can’t work up the nerve to confess. Shy withdrawn Ichigo (the one with the glasses) was a stalking victim and now hates men. But they’re going to need each other to cope with a huge change in their lives. Their mother has remarried and the twins discover they’ve gained a brother as well; clever and carefree Kenta. And Kenta (with Makoto) has a plan to help Ichigo–just make the twins trade identities!

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