Projects where the plot specifically focuses on actors, idols, singers, or performers of some kind.

Danshi Hanayakanare 0 (0)

The male-only theatre company, 012 Flower Troupe, splits its actors into two groups: the elite “New Moon”, and the mediocre “Zodiac Group”. Although Hinataze Nozomu is a member of the Zodiac Group, he has the ability to compete against others to be the best. One day, he is selected to play the new Princess role alongside Ootori Kazatora, his greatest rival from the other division. During their lessons, this man told him, “Not just in the script, fall for the real me.” What will Nozomu do…?

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Kojirase Junai Monster

Kojirase Junai Monster 5 (1)

“A collaboration where you act out the scenarios I write! In other words, sex?!”

Satake, a screenwriter and casual stalker, hides his identity while chasing after his middle school classmate, Yoshiya, a rising young actor. One day, the video game Satake worked on is set for a drama adaptation, with Yoshiya playing the main character.

While Satake’s excited to get up close and personal with his favorite actor (person), it turns out Yoshiya actually remembers him. And to top it all off, Yoshiya gives him a blowjob out of the blue?! A pure and erotic love session between a broody otaku and a bright young actor!

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Amai Daizai

Amai Daizai 4 (7)

“I love Ryuuji more than as a brother.”

Maki and Ryuuji are blood brothers. Maki had been prone to sickness ever since he was a child, and thus spent a long time in the hospital. Ryuuji, Maki’s energetic brother who’s younger than him by 3 years, would visit him everyday. To Maki, he was adorable and dear. Ryuuji loved moving his body around, and would dance in front of Maki. The former eventually started taking dancing classes. Little by little, their lives started to move away from each other. Days and months passed, Maki was discharged from the hospital and became a college student, while Ryuuji became a high school student. They were finally able to live in the same house as a “family”, however Maki slowly began to realise a “sense of discomfort towards Ryuuji” in his heart. Finally, when Ryuuji decides to debut under a group called “Spica”…?

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Kimi wa Hiniku na Kira Kira Hoshi

Kimi wa Hiniku na Kira Kira Hoshi 5 (3)

Ayumu is a stage play actor who uses his attractive looks as a weapon. In the next job, he has to co-act with the promising and talented young actor, Yuusei. Ayumu seems to unable to leave the unsociable Yuusei alone and keeps pestering and teasing him during rehearsal. Then one day, he accidentally witnesses a scene of carnage between Yuusei and a senior actor, Tsukasa?! Moreover, Tsukasa will also perform on the same stage?! A love strategy of the young actors who strive to be a star!!

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Akaki Tsuki no Mawaru Koro cover volume 1

Akaki Tsuki no Mawaru Koro 0 (0)

Riu is the only daughter of Kioka Saenji, the 11th generation head of the famous Rokugi Kabuki theatre house. Since she was small, she has had a recurring dream about a man under the red moon – a man she didn’t know, until she attended one of the performances of her brothers. The man turns out to be Rui, one of the heirs of the Akatsuki house.

The Akatsuki House is distantly related to the Rokugi House. Just recently, the 10th head of Akatsuki House, Ashikawa Enjuuro, died. The family is on the process of choosing his successor among the three adopted sons, one of which is Rui.

What relation will Riu have with Rui? Why does she dream of him dying every night?

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