Projects where the main characters or world setting involves animal characteristics.

Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata 0 (0)

Kokonoe is a werecat who turns into a cat when he is excited. Destiny has it that one morning, Kokonoe, runs into Natsume, who seems to have a special relationship with cats. With Natsume’s touch, Kokonoe soons finds himself purring and getting excited. However, Kokonoe is determined to keep his cat side and the feelings he has for Natsume under control.

How will their love blossom? A love lesson between a white coat school doctor and a werecat.

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Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata 0 (0)

Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata is a Boys’ Love/Yaoi manga by Sakyou Aya. The werecat Shingo is able to change into a black cat, and as long as someone has the looks and body that he likes, he’ll sleep with just about anyone. Falling for Shingo because he was overwhelmed by his strong masculine aura is the No. 1 popular actor, Kakami. Amongst all the playful teasing and messing around between the two, Kakami suddenly shows his beastly nature…?!

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Daydream Nightmare 0 (0)

Kusumi views Ichi as his god. He has no interest in real life girls because anime is his life. Meet Ichi. He has a secret that no one knows about, and he fights to hide it from others. He also has a past that seems to be surfacing through his dreams. But what does it mean when a guy promises to protect him by eating the “bad things”? Join Ichi in his adventure to find out about himself, and what his secret really holds.

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Ookami wa Tantei o Tabetai

Ookami wa Tantei o Tabetai 4.4 (10)

have no confidence that I can “wait”.

“Werewolf Syndrome” – The spontaneous onset of a strange disease. Those who are affected present symptoms such as attacking and devouring humans. In this world, this is merely an urban legend, but, 10 years ago, Reito’s brother was killed by a werewolf. Since then he has spent his life as a lone detective in order to expose the truth behind werewolves. Under such circumstances, he meets his estranged nephew for the first time in 10 years. Reito was briefly surprised to see that Yoru, who used to be a crybaby, is now a dashing university student who towers over him. Shortly after, Yoru suggests that Reito should hire him in the detective agency…?!

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Suzu Hebi Kyuuairon 4.3 (30)

Komazu, a sparrow, encounters a snake in the forest one day. He thought he would be eaten, but to his surprise, Shirato, the white snake, saved him from a crisis. They slowly start to understand and approach each other. However, Komazu accidentally sees those. Between Shirato’s thighs, there were two of what a sparrow does not have!!! As interested as he was, he starts playing with the things between Shirato’s thighs. But as they spend more and more time together, he feels the desire to mate with Shirato, and those feelings lead to an ending where they are once again reminded of the differences they have as different species…

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Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama

Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama 4.2 (11)

Despite disliking the haughtiness of winged people, Shuu begins work at a winged person’s manor doing miscellaneous chores. He meets Rai, a winged person who is the head of the manor he works at and is rumored to be hard to deal with. Shuu winds up in an awkward situation where he’s told by Rai that he has to “incubate the egg”.

A developing romance in a world where “winged people” and humans co-exist.

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