Projects that involve or focus on cooking, restaurants, cafés, or confections.

Yumeiro Patissiere 0 (0)

Amano Ichigo is a 14-year-old cake lover. After meeting a lecturer, Henrie Lucas, at a cake buffet, she enters St. Marie Academy – a school that raises and cultivates patissiers. Not only is she placed in the elitist group with three princes of sweets, but she also meets sweets spirit Vanilla on her first day of transfer. Ichigo is air-headed, a total klutz, and a complete novice at cake making, but she’s trying her best mastering one at a time in order to make her eaters happy.

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Kiss wa Dolce no Ato de 0 (0)

LUCE Resturant’s floor manager Kaji Mizuki looks delicately beautiful, but is draconian when it comes to training new employees. However, Ukimi Takeru, the new server from overseas, not only is undaunted, but also addresses the manager by his first name right off the bat, hugs him, and kisses him more than what is required of a greeting. Although Mizuki was outraged, his feelings changed when he saw how serious Takeru took his job.

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Koi to Sentimentalism

Koi to Sentimentalism 0 (0)

Kento is alone after his fiancée, who was also his coworker, eloped with his boss. Tomoya is left with a scarred heart and has become cowardly due to a past relationship. The two meet in a town surrounded by calming nature and a sky full of stars, and then…?!

Along with “Storm of Stars”, this volume also includes “Lips and Coffee”, a story of the daily harassment of a café worker by an executive manager of a big company, “Rather than Talking Back”, a story between a white-coat doctor and an EMT in scrubs, and much more!

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Kimi no Amai ni oi

Kimi no Amai ni oi 5 (1)

Kouta and Tougo are childhood friends who live in Kansai. Kouta, who loves sweets, made a promise with the successor of a Japanese confectionery shop, Tougo, when they were kids, being that they would get married if the latter could make delicious Kaiten-yaki. After becoming high school students and confirming that neither of their feelings have changed, they became lovers and were lovey dovey every day. Though recently, a popular western confectionery shop has opened nearby, and Tougo’s shop is in a big pinch! Furthermore, when Kouta accepts an invitation from the handsome store manager of the western confectionery shop, Satoru, the relationship between the Kouta and Tougo takes a turn for the worst…?!

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Bitter Cigar Feature Image

Bitter Cigar 5 (3)

Go to work, go home. Go to work, go home. That’s the daily routine of 26-year-old Wataru Toyohashi. One night, he heard a terrible groan coming from next door, so he rushed over, only to find his neighbor, Takatsuki, on the verge of tears and slumped on the floor.

The reason? Hunger. Takatsuki said he forgets to eat when he gets caught up in his work, which he does from home. Toyohashi, unable to ignore the situation, decided to treat Takatsuki to dinner since he was in the middle of cooking anyway. Overjoyed by the simple home-cooked meal, Takatsuki exclaimed, “I want to eat this everyday!” And that’s how their weekly weekend dinner parties started.

At the small dining table with Takatsuki and his own two cats, Toyohashi’s days change bit by bit…

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Koi no Recipe wa Amakute Nigai

Koi no Recipe wa Amakute Nigai 4.5 (4)

“On the outside, he’s like a prince, but on the inside… he’s just like a mother?!

Mitsuge, the handsome cook who keeps getting dumped due to his high-level housework skills and overly-helpful personality, wants to pamper his recent obsession, the slightly clumsy restaurant server, Tomori.

“You were looking at me so lewdly during our lunch break, weren’t you?”

When Mitsugi becomes captivated by the way Tomori eats his cooking so deliciously, it’s not just love he’s feeling but an ‘appetite’ too… Can this earnest love not be romantic?! A bitter-sweet love story.”

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Ibara no Shokutaku

Ibara no Shokutaku 2.3 (3)

Itoi is a young editor who has always avoided working on cookbooks, until he had no choice but to take over for his boss and work with the beautiful but sharp-tongued master chef, Kashima. Kashima soon figures out the reason why Itoi is uncomfortable with cooking… Meanwhile, Sudou is Itoi’s competent but twisted superior at work, and Natsume is a food photographer who avoids portraits. What starts as a hook up turns into an exciting love story, in the debut work of the up and coming Hasami Sahara!

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