Projects based in a historical setting.

Hi no Matoi 0 (0)

Isshin, the son of a prestigious samurai clan, travels to Edo with his most trusted servant, Seiichirou. Believing it to be the best for his master, Seiichirou leaves Isshin in the care of the Edo Fire Brigade’s 48th team; or “Ku Squad”. Without any knowledge of firefighting, can Isshin blossom with courage and show his true samurai strength?

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Suzu Hebi Kyuuairon 4.3 (30)

Komazu, a sparrow, encounters a snake in the forest one day. He thought he would be eaten, but to his surprise, Shirato, the white snake, saved him from a crisis. They slowly start to understand and approach each other. However, Komazu accidentally sees those. Between Shirato’s thighs, there were two of what a sparrow does not have!!! As interested as he was, he starts playing with the things between Shirato’s thighs. But as they spend more and more time together, he feels the desire to mate with Shirato, and those feelings lead to an ending where they are once again reminded of the differences they have as different species…

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Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama

Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama 4.2 (11)

Despite disliking the haughtiness of winged people, Shuu begins work at a winged person’s manor doing miscellaneous chores. He meets Rai, a winged person who is the head of the manor he works at and is rumored to be hard to deal with. Shuu winds up in an awkward situation where he’s told by Rai that he has to “incubate the egg”.

A developing romance in a world where “winged people” and humans co-exist.

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Kanashiki Ningyo

Kanashiki Ningyo 5 (1)

“You are beautiful and kind… you are my mermaid.”

Umi, a tattoo artist who carries a mermaid’s curse, was born with a jet black right eye, and hid the right side of his body which carried an ugly birthmark from the curse. In order to hide this birthmark which even his parents despised, he covered it with a beautiful tattoo, and continued to live his life while hiding himself from the world. However, a chance encounter with a swindling spirit medium changed his life.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime love of a young man who was called a monster.”

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Hime Muko

Hime Muko 4.5 (6)

Shiki and Yamato are childhood friends, living in a village in Yamatai. Yamato, who always protects Shiki from bullies, has a personality as radiant as the sun. Furthermore, he unknowingly trifles with Shiki’s heart with his bright nature. “My heart beats so loud when I’m next to Yamato…” When Shiki realizes his feelings toward Yamato, Yamato also notices himself falling for Shiki’s beautiful crimson eyes.

However, fate tears the two apart, and they never see each other again. After ten years of holding onto his feelings for Shiki, Yamato reunites with a certain “man”…

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Hunter and Snow

Hunter and Snow 4 (1)

The third son of the Dong Hai dragon palace who was born with a useless dragon soul? And he wants to become the hero of the dragons? That’s ridiculous!

Ao xue grew up despised by everyone and never thought he’d have a chance to get close to the person that he longed for. Luckily, a dazzling beam of light began shining on his life……

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