Projects with an Omegaverse or Sub/Dom setting.

kimi to unmei

Kimi to Unmei ni Tsuite no Hanashi ga Shitai 4.5 (17)

Even if we’re both beta and even if we’re not a fated pair, it’ll be fine. Our relationship won’t change, ever—
Hibiki is a salaryman who has been living together with his high school sweetheart, Koushiro, for 10 years. When they had just met each other, they were convinced that they were a fated pair, but their gender tests revealed that they were both beta. Even though other gay couples can be blessed if they are a “fated pair,” it vexes them they can’t even hold hands in front of people. They tell themselves that if they love each other, all will be fine, but trivial things make them more anxious each day… But they hear about a misdiagnosis of the gender test one day…!?

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Ai no Su e Ochiro!

Ai no Su e Ochiro! 5 (1)

“I didn’t think senpai would be like this!!!”

By coincidence, the low-class gossamer-winged butterfly Tsubasa catches sight of the son of a distinguished tarantula family, Nagumo Sumiya. Saved by his words, Tsubasa holds admiration for him. From a single glance, he wants to meet him, and he enrolls in Sumiya’s school Seihoku Academy, where only the elite gather. However, hardships due to his low-class awaited him there. On top of that, Sumiyaーhis only hopeーtosses him aside, saying, “I hate gossamer-winged butterflies.” Tsubasa had believed that he would be acknowledged and becomes depressed. At that time, he becomes trapped in the web that Sumiya had laid, where he’s injected with an aphrodisiac venom and is held down…?

An academy caste love story between an arrogant tarantula X a gossamer-winged butterfly with admirable reasons.

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castehate v3

Castehate 5 (6)

Living the high school life, being admired by all the other species in his school, Rurikawa (Wolf. Alpha. Male.) meets a lower species, Kyougokuin (Rabbit. Beta. Male.) As soon as their eyes meet, Rurikawa thinks, “I want to breed this beautiful creature.” He’s suddenly unable to control his urges as he’s turned on. In a world where men can also become pregnant, this series tells the story of high school boys being led around by their instincts and fate.

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Kuro Neko wa Ookami Ouji-sama no Yume o Miru ka

Kuro Neko wa Ookami Ouji-sama no Yume o Miru ka 5 (1)

“I want to give my virginity to my ideal prince, Yukio-san, who’s an AV actor!”

It’s a world where humanity is divided into canines (dominants) and felines (recievers). Being one of the most common and numerous domesticated cat among the felines, Aoi Natsuyama’s dream is to get married to his ideal prince! Aoi, who earnestly fell in love with the refreshing handsome wolf prince Yukio after discovering him in a DOG x CAT AV, jumps into the world of AV to somehow get closer to him. However, it turns out Yukio’s personality is neither refreshing nor kind?!

Welcome to the Kemomimi world ☆

A two faced wolf prince and a strong-willed dreamer cat. It’s a cute and naughty Cinderella love!

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