Shitsuji ga Megane wo Hazusuyoru

Shitsuji ga Megane wo Hazusuyoru 4.2 (5)

Kounosuke is the son of the Sumeragi industrial group and is a playboy. Hitsuji, the head butler, always chastises him for his bad attitude. Wanting to exact revenge on his strict and handsome butler, Kounosuke slips aphrodisiac into his black tea. Even after watching him for a while, there was no change, and so to test the drug’s effectiveness, Kounosuke drank it himself. As he does, the medicine takes effect immediately and causes him to become sexually excited…?!

In addition, the compilation of “”Honey Love Butler””, the romance between a young and extremely popular violinist nobleman with a servant, both with different social statuses.

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Koi to Sentimentalism

Koi to Sentimentalism 0 (0)

Kento is alone after his fiancée, who was also his coworker, eloped with his boss. Tomoya is left with a scarred heart and has become cowardly due to a past relationship. The two meet in a town surrounded by calming nature and a sky full of stars, and then…?!

Along with “Storm of Stars”, this volume also includes “Lips and Coffee”, a story of the daily harassment of a café worker by an executive manager of a big company, “Rather than Talking Back”, a story between a white-coat doctor and an EMT in scrubs, and much more!

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