Projects that have story elements revolving around traditional culture.

Kokushi no Shima 0 (0)

Katsuragi Shiho casually handed her house key to Shikibu before leaving her hometown. After not returning on the third day as she had promised, Shikibu probes around and finds a lead that brings him to “Yasha Island”.

However, the strange rituals being held on the island, Shikibu’s investigation records getting stolen, and finding Katsuragi’s name in the house of blood among other mysterious occurences all point to Katsuragi having vanished into thin air! Shikibu is bent on finding out the truth, but the islanders all seem to have been silenced by somebody…?!

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Suzu Hebi Kyuuairon 4.3 (30)

Komazu, a sparrow, encounters a snake in the forest one day. He thought he would be eaten, but to his surprise, Shirato, the white snake, saved him from a crisis. They slowly start to understand and approach each other. However, Komazu accidentally sees those. Between Shirato’s thighs, there were two of what a sparrow does not have!!! As interested as he was, he starts playing with the things between Shirato’s thighs. But as they spend more and more time together, he feels the desire to mate with Shirato, and those feelings lead to an ending where they are once again reminded of the differences they have as different species…

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Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama

Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama 4.2 (11)

Despite disliking the haughtiness of winged people, Shuu begins work at a winged person’s manor doing miscellaneous chores. He meets Rai, a winged person who is the head of the manor he works at and is rumored to be hard to deal with. Shuu winds up in an awkward situation where he’s told by Rai that he has to “incubate the egg”.

A developing romance in a world where “winged people” and humans co-exist.

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Kanashiki Ningyo

Kanashiki Ningyo 5 (1)

“You are beautiful and kind… you are my mermaid.”

Umi, a tattoo artist who carries a mermaid’s curse, was born with a jet black right eye, and hid the right side of his body which carried an ugly birthmark from the curse. In order to hide this birthmark which even his parents despised, he covered it with a beautiful tattoo, and continued to live his life while hiding himself from the world. However, a chance encounter with a swindling spirit medium changed his life.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime love of a young man who was called a monster.”

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Kitsune no Yosuga

Kitsune no Yosuga 5 (2)

“I shouldn’t have desired you who has wings.”

To eat or be eaten, such is the way to live by relying on others.

Kokonoe, a forest-dwelling fox, chanced upon a baby hawk that fell from his nest. He took the fledgling home as fodder, but Kokonoe ultimately couldn’t bring himself to eat him, not after the child came to love him so wholeheartedly. So with that, Kokonoe named him “Yosuga” and decided to become his parent. “Please eat me.” Now an adult, Yosuga always demands this of Kokonoe, wanting to repay Kokonoe for raising him so lovingly. But in response, Kokonoe starts feeling a different kind of “hunger” towards Yosuga…?

“If only I could bear Kokonoe’s children…”

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Hana to Sumi

Hana to Sumi 4.5 (2)

Eijun, an up-and-coming calligraphy artist has had one sided feelings for his childhood friend Kouki, who is a flower arrangement practitioner, for 7 years. Ever since becoming aware of his romantic feelings in high school, he hasn’t been able to properly talk to him.

But one night, Eijun was invited by Kouki to drink at home. Elated, he confesses his feelings to Kouki after getting himself dead drunk. Despite thinking he’d be rejected by Kouki, Kouki actually gets turned on instead. He tells Eijun, who has grown confused between pleasure and doubt, “I’ll put it in here next.”

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