Mangas where one of the main characters is a writer or mangaka.

Smoky Nectar

Smoky Nectar 5 (6)

Writer Hasegawa Mitsuru has been investigating a case that was rumored to be the work of vampires known as “Biters”. His childhood friend, Annaka Yuusei, a.k.a. Anna, warns him not to stick his head into where it doesn’t belong. (SPOILER) But the truth is, Anna is actually a Biter. Under the pretense of gathering information for his article, Mitsuru agrees to let Anna suck his blood. On top of that, he impulsively sleeps with Anna and experiences indescribable pleasure. In addition, there seems to be a secret about Mitsuru that he himself isn’t aware of…?

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K-sensei 0 (0)

Popular erotica writer Kaji “K” sensei’s glamorous appearance is only rivaled by the fantastic rumors surrounding him. Like how one of his best selling novels was based on a relationship with a high-school student… or how two of his model sex friends got into a cat-fight in the middle of a highway… or how he has threesomes during his nocturnal writing sessions! At least these are the things that go through editor Kobayakawa’s head when he sees his celebrity charge, that and the one where K sensei sent three editors to the hospital?! Yet, while taking photos for a magazine interview and watching K sensei work with such professional focus Kobayakawa realizes that the outrageous rumors may be just that. That is until Kaji pushes him down on the sofa to “reward” him. Thus begins the hunt of the herbivore editor and his carnivore author.

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Tsurumaki Sensei

Tsurumaki Sensei no Sakka Seikatsu 4.5 (2)

Living under one roof with a demon who aspires to be a literary master!

Maki Daigo is a young man whose bonds with people have been weak his entire life. One day, a strange man calls out to him and asks, “How ‘bout you help me with my work?” The suspicious but beautiful man is Ichii, who is actually a demon!

Ichii’s dream is to become a literary legend in the human world, and he’s finally accomplished his debut as an author.

So Maki becomes Ichii’s vassal after signing a contract with him. Since Ichii can’t show his true form when it comes to work matters, Maki’s job as Ichii’s human substitute is to pretend to be “Tsurumaki-sensei, the author.” Then they start living together, but…!?

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Bitter Cigar Feature Image

Bitter Cigar 5 (3)

Go to work, go home. Go to work, go home. That’s the daily routine of 26-year-old Wataru Toyohashi. One night, he heard a terrible groan coming from next door, so he rushed over, only to find his neighbor, Takatsuki, on the verge of tears and slumped on the floor.

The reason? Hunger. Takatsuki said he forgets to eat when he gets caught up in his work, which he does from home. Toyohashi, unable to ignore the situation, decided to treat Takatsuki to dinner since he was in the middle of cooking anyway. Overjoyed by the simple home-cooked meal, Takatsuki exclaimed, “I want to eat this everyday!” And that’s how their weekly weekend dinner parties started.

At the small dining table with Takatsuki and his own two cats, Toyohashi’s days change bit by bit…

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