Im an introvert who dont like awkward atmosphere but i dont like talking either



Living the best of my life just wasting my time (except 4 this don’t spank me Yuffie;;), and you need Trash of the Count’s Family in your life

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I used to think, ‘It’s totally possible to love BL and keep being straight’. I proved myself wrong. Bye.


You are always the best you when you are being yourself, and not when you are trying to be someone else.

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Bed is my husband, pillow and bolster are my affair partner.

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I am the Disgusting Conglomerate of Parts who fights for love and horror! Sailor Taikuo! In the name of the Xenomorph Queen, I will punish you!

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Hell yea.


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Don’t trust any liquid you can see through.

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i’m a peanut that can fly, but please don’t turn me into peanut butter

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