Ikenai Ezuke Keikaku 0 (0)

A collection of oneshots.

3) Somebody as beautiful as you is only for me
Architect Akitsu has a beautiful face… and that’s all people care about! When a stranger named Tenouji confesses to him, Akitsu is sure Tenouji will leave after seeing his personality. But maybe Akitsu is falling for Tenouji, just a little…?

4) Hoarding all of your heat
Takano, from chapter 2, is back with his own love story. Still hung up on Suzukawa, what happens when Takano gets drunk and sleeps with another co-worker who’s name is also Suzukawa?!

5) After school dating
Mizushima-sensei just started teaching at an all boys school in the city… and he’s fallen for his student?! Sakiya Hayato is a troublesome boy who always skips class… can Sensei capture the cute “sweet-toothed hottie”?