Sasakure Memoriaru 0 (0)

1-2) Side A & B
Working man Yajima Shigeru always finds himself falling for straight guys and has repeated one-night stand to flee from his failing love. This time, his heartbreaking decision led him to kiss his current love who happens to be a married junior from his work place! The train conductor happened to see the drunken Yajima planting a kiss on his junior. After being denied by his junior, he’s picked up by the conductor, Mita Yuusuke, who claims that that he fell in love at first sight?

3-4) Love Deck
Detective from juvenile division fights against his shota complex. But what will happen when he meets one of the boys he had helped once after some years?

5) Lost Man ~ Xmas Limited Edition
The couple from Mayou Otoko return for their 1st Christmas together.

5.5) Extra for the first story