Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama

Oyasumi, Itoshiki Kotori-sama 4 (9)

Despite disliking the haughtiness of winged people, Shuu begins work at a winged person’s manor doing miscellaneous chores. He meets Rai, a winged person who is the head of the manor he works at and is rumored to be hard to deal with. Shuu winds up in an awkward situation where he’s told by Rai that he has to “incubate the egg”.

A developing romance in a world where “winged people” and humans co-exist.

Souteigai no Sweet Marriage

Souteigai no Sweet Marriage 5 (3)

“Shall we get married?” — A fake marriage between two men?!

Yuuki Ritsu, a cool-headed and serious office worker, was suddenly proposed to by his colleague and rival Honjou Haruma, due to some special circumstances.

With same-sex marriage becoming possible in Japan, the people around the single, 29-year old Ritsu had been constantly nagging at him to get married soon.

On the other hand, Haruma had found himself in a bind due to his uncontrollable popularity. With Haruma’s suggestion of a marriage that would benefit both parties, Ritsu decided to accept his proposal in order to escape from the corner he was driven into. Little did he know that married life with Haruma, who loves taking care of others, would be so comfortable… Plus, he gives massages that are out of this world…!

Although it started with a lie, a sweet and delicious marriage love between the two single, handsome office workers in their thirties starts to bloom!


Daiji ni Suru Kara Tabete Ii 0 (0)

Kumagae, who’s only had bad rumors about him go around school since admission, becomes an isolated existence in class. For one of their lessons, Akira pairs up with Kumagae. Through this incident, something strikes a chord in Kumagae and he becomes attached to Akira.

Whatever Akira says, he does. Wherever Akira goes, he goes. Kumagae’s change in attitude causes a stir around them.

“A really wacky guy’s started liking me…!” Even so, why can’t Akira leave him alone…?

Attention-seeking ex-lone wolf X Soft puppy-like owner – A love story where possessiveness meets neediness!

Hiyo-chan Koi wo Suru

Hiyo-chan Koi wo Suru 5 (2)

Yoh and Komiya, two boys with brother complexes, start pretending to date. Even though it started out as a plan to make their brothers realize their importance, before they knew it, they started enjoying “fake dating”… To top things off, Komiya, who starts to find Yoh’s pureness irresistibly cute, couldn’t help but kiss him??

“Should I teach you a kiss that’ll make you melt?”

“I don’t mind anything if it’s you, Senpai??”

Kimi wa Hiniku na Kira Kira Hoshi

Kimi wa Hiniku na Kira Kira Hoshi 5 (3)

Ayumu is a stage play actor who uses his attractive looks as a weapon. In the next job, he has to co-act with the promising and talented young actor, Yuusei. Ayumu seems to unable to leave the unsociable Yuusei alone and keeps pestering and teasing him during rehearsal. Then one day, he accidentally witnesses a scene of carnage between Yuusei and a senior actor, Tsukasa?! Moreover, Tsukasa will also perform on the same stage?! A love strategy of the young actors who strive to be a star!!