Unmei no Hito to Deaeru Koisuru Apuri v2

Unmei no Hito to Deaeru Koisuru Apuri 5 (1)

One day at school, a friend shows Hiroto Kyono a new app called “Meet your Soulmate”.

However, Kyono is indifferent to love and doesn’t believe in fortune-telling apps…until Kyono meets a guy on the train who looks exactly like how the app described his soulmate!

Could this guy really be his soulmate?

How can Kyono close the distance between them so they can become friends? And then something more?

Furmuite Yukino chan

Furimuite Yukino-chan 5 (3)

“Have you possibly fallen in love with me?”

”Yukino-chan” helped Arata who wasn’t able to attend school. He frequently talks with her on social media despite not knowing what she looks like. Turns out, ‘she’s’ a guy?! Despite being confused, this feeling of love won’t stop growing towards Yukino-san who’s kind even in real life.”

Someday, if Arata’s feelings go overboard and a confession slips out… will Yukino-san look back?!

An earnest love that doesn’t stop even when hurt.