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Before Sending Please
Do The Following:

  • Search

    Use Google and MangaUpdates to check that there is not another group working on the series you want to request us to pick up.

  • Check

    If the series has been worked on by another group then please make sure that there is at least a 6 month period of inactivity before requesting it to us.

  • Licensed

    Check with Google and MangaUpdates that the series you want to request is not licensed in English.

  • Link

    Use CMOA or MangaUpdates and send us the link when you submit your suggestion.

    Please tell us your name.

    Please enter the series name.

    Please link us to the series.

    Name of the author.

    If you have the raws please link us to them.

    Tell us why you think this series should be translated.

    Anything else we should know?

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