Raw Provider

A raw provider’s job is to buy raws (either digital or physical), compile and label them, and provide it to our team.


A translator’s job is to translate all foreign text into English. This includes coming up with the English equivalent for the title, synopsis, SFXs, signs and etc.



A cleaner’s job is to level each page to remove dust, remove all non-English text, and redraw what was erased where possible.


A redrawer’s job is to assist the cleaner by helping redraw difficult panels.


A typesetter’s job is to place translated text onto a project and match it to the feel and style of the original.

Quality Control

A quality checker checks for issues in translation, and errors in the cleaning process. They are the last line of defense against mistakes before release.


We’re looking for someone with artistic skills to help us with our graphics and the cover pages on our releases etc.

Bot Developer

We’re looking for Bot Developers to help us with our discord bots.

Web Developers

We’re looking for web developers to help us with our website.

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