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What is a Raw Provider?

Raw providers source raw projects for us to work on. Sometimes these are digital, sometimes physical copies. We’re in need of people who subscribe to magazines, or can provide eBooks, or scans of physical media.

  • Time

    All our staff are volunteers. This is, basically, our hobby, which means that we can’t pay you. However, you will be credited and given access to our private projects. As members of a team we make a commitment to each other that we will take our work seriously, and for that reason we ask that everyone applying the raw provider role to providing an entire series unless real life gets in the way.

  • Quality

    We are looking for high quality scans or digital raws.

  • Magazines

    We are in need of Magazine Subscribers. We are looking for manga from the following: B’s-LOVEY Recottia / Be-Boy / BE・BOY GOLD, Cab, Cheri+, CIEL, Craft, Daria, Dear+, Gateau, GUSH, ihr HertZ, LiQulle, RED.

  • A Computer

    You will need at least a PC and access to the raws you want to provide. If you are providing access to physical raws you will also need access to a scanner.

  • Not Desired

    We are not looking for:

    • Low quality raws.
    • Screenshots.
    • Stolen raws.
    • Reused raws from other translated scans.
    • Watermarked raws.


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  1. Use the contact form below to send us a message letting us know that you’re applying to be a Raw Provider.
  2. Your contact information.
  3. Provide us with the series name, the mangaka, and a link to CMOA/Mangaupdates if available.

If you are looking to provide raws that you already own:

If you already have access to the raws of a single project and are just looking for someone to translate, clean, and typeset that project then you’re in the wrong place. Please submit a request via the “Request a Project” page.

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