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What is a Redrawer?

A redrawer’s job is to redraw difficult panels. When a cleaner removes non-English text from a page so that translated text can be added, sometimes they’ll come across panels that are difficult to repair. That’s where a redrawer comes in. Redrawers are specialised in the more artistic side of cleaning a project.

  • Time

    All our staff are volunteers. This is, basically, our hobby. However, as members of a team we make a commitment to each other that we will take our work seriously, and for that reason we ask that everyone applying for one of our roles does so with the intention of sticking around for a while. While redrawers won’t have a guarenteed workload, it is arguably the most difficult part of the scanlation process.

  • Photoshop

    We use photoshop in all our work, so a PC or laptop able to run it is a must. Owning photoshop also helps a great deal, but we do provide a free copy of the program here on our Resources page. You don’t need a graphics tablet, but one does help!

  • Artistic Skill

    Redrawing can be quite difficult, and does require some artistic skill. You will be trying to redraw large chunks of an image that are missing, and in the style of the original art, matching brushes, patterns and shades, even recreating noise.

  • Workload

    Redrawers do not get the same kind of workload as the other positions. Instead they are pinged by other cleaners to help with a panel here and there. Essentially they have less workload, but are required to be fast and meticulous. This requires experience so please do not apply unless you meet the requirements!


Some Examples of Redrawing

how to apply image


  1. Download the test from the this page or our discord server.
  2. Once complete please change the name of the folder to: Redrawer-Test_GGScansBL[Your Name Redrawn].
  3. E.g. Redrawer-Test_GGScansBL[Tabitha Twitchit Redrawn].
  4. Please zip the folder and upload it to Mediafire. If you are having problems uploading to Mediafire then please either send us a message via our contact form on the About Us page, or join our discord and open a ticket.
  5. Once uploaded, please copy the URL into the field below to submit your test. If you have any questions please send us a message or join our Discord. Alternatively you can open a ticket and apply via discord.

Submit Via E-mail

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