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What is a Translator?

A translator’s job is to translate all foreign text into English. This includes titles, synopsis, SFXs, signs, and other text relating to a project. Most of our projects are in Japanese, but we would also welcome Chinese or Korean translators as well.

  • Time

    All our staff are volunteers. This is, basically, our hobby. However, as members of a team we make a commitment to each other that we will take our work seriously, and for that reason we ask that everyone applying for one of our roles does so with the intention of sticking around for a while. We also like to ask each person to think about producing at least two chapters a month.

  • A Wordprocessor

    A PC/Laptop, Tablet or other device capable of accessing a word processing program, and a word processing program that can save files as .docx format.

  • Knowledge

    At least a knowledge of the language to a N3 level (for Japanese), a TOPIK II lv4 (for Korean), HSK Lv4/ TOFCL Lv4 (for Mandarin Chinese), or language competency rating in line with the Common European Language Framework level B2/C1.


Examples of Translations

ほう... 向かってくるのか...... 逃げずにこのDIOに近づいてくるのか......


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  1. For the Chinese test, Korean test or Japanese test please click on the button below to take the test. After completing the test, please join our Discord server and open a staff ticket.
  2. If you are a Korean translator and would be interested in helping us expand into Manhwas, then please use the contact form below to send us a message, or contact us by opening a ticket on discord.

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