Utsukushii Koto v1

Utsukushii Koto 3.8 (5)

Matsuoka is addicted to the high he gets when he’s showered with stares of men when he walks the streets at night, dressed in the clothes of his ex-girlfriend. One night, his gloomy superior from work, Hirosue, rescues him after he’s sexually assaulted by a man who’d been passing by. Though Hirosue was infamous for his awkwardness and dullness, Matsuoka found himself attracted to the former’s sincere affections towards him. Dressed as a woman, he meets up with Hirosue and ends up receiving a confession of love.
I won’t see you again. I can’t see you again.

When Matsuoka realises his feelings, he…?!

The long-awaited manga adaptation of Konohara Narise’s masterpiece of the bitterness and beauty of an impossible love!

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