Roku to Rui

Roku to Rui 3.8 (6)

My heart fluttered just a bit, maybe.

Takanashi Rui dreams of a fulfilling a successful campus life. He was called out for a confession from a girl he’s interested in, but as he headed there in anticipation, it was his childhood friend, Koga Roku, that was there instead. When thinking back on it, Roku was always there to get in the way of important moments. From stealing girls he liked to kissing him half-jokingly… Rui couldn’t take it any longer, and Roku unexpectedly told him, “I’ve liked you for a long time” …?!

I never knew my childhood friend could make such a face!! The beginning of a heart-pounding romance between overly perverse Roku and love novice Rui. ★

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