Jousou Layer ga Joushi ni Baretara Shinuru 5 (10)

I don’t want my life to end while I’m still a crossdresser who’s a virgin! But what I don’t want even more is to be filmed and fawned over!

Yuuto, the fresh recruit being pushed around by his playboy boss, Sayama, is actually a big otaku cosplayer who pretends to be a girl online with over 500,000 followers. Panicking upon finding out Sayama is a big fan of his, he momentarily feels relieved to know that his identity had not been discovered. Sayama has made Yuuto work overtime again today, but the latter is in high spirits. Tomorrow, he’s getting a cameraman he admires to take his photo. However, the person who shows up the following day is Sayama…?!

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Saishuu Heiki Kareshi

Saishuu Heiki Kareshi 3.5 (2)

Chapter 1&2:
Saishuu Heiki Kareshi

Chapter 3:
The pastry shop Natsuki works at as a patisserie has been garnering a lot of interest ever since it was featured in a magazine article. The shop has been receiving tons of new customers – which was to be expected, except when one particular visitor comes in.

Chapter 4&5:
Asahi Kikuchi is a university boy who has a hole in his memory and a real problem remembering people’s faces and names. One day, he meets the waiter at a restaurant right after his girlfriend dumps him, and can’t help noticing how much he looks like his first love.

Chapter 6:

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