Muri Kon

Muri Kon 4.6 (7)

The chain of misfortunes begin to happen when a man and woman from conflicting villages committed double suicide from having their love not recognized. With various disasters occurring, the villagers who were scared of their wrath offered a pair of a man and a woman from each of the villages. Since then, they have been appeasing their souls and avoiding disasters by having the married couples join together as one.

Because of an unbelievable tradition, Momoki Shirakawa became the bride of Chikage Kurotaki, who’s from the neighboring village, overnight. Overwhelmed by the pressure from both families, he accepts his fate and wears a white kimono, but his terrible newlywed life with Chikage is surely about to start!!

An unsuccessful match both heart and body?! A marriage BL with an inevitable path to divorce!

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Ote, Osuwari, Kiss

Ote, Osuwari, Kiss 3 (4)

One day, the overworked researcher Koki discovers a “dog” lying unconscious at the foot of his apartment complex and decides to bring it home. The next day, Koki wakes up to an unknown man in his apartment! Is he a burglar?! Amidst Koki’s panic, the man transforms into the “dog” he found last night and starts talking…! “Koki, I’m the dog you saved! Thank you, you’re really kind!”

Thus starts the duo’s life in the shared apartment as pet(?) and owner…?! A loving story about the lives of a handsome human-transforming dog and a fussy scientist under one roof!

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