Guren no Arma 0 (0)

Enter Weiter Andreon, a young witch with special abilities to communicate with fairies. That day, saddened by her parent’s death, Weiter wanders into her back garden where she finds a wounded young man. Weiter decides to take this young man under her wing despite meeting objections from everyone else but her uncle’s friends. In the magical lands of Alma, where Gurens are worshiped as guardians and protectors, Weiter finds herself beginning a new adventure with this mysterious young man who appears to be more than what he seems.

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Akuma ga Kitari

Akuma ga Kitari Kimi ni Muchuu 4.5 (22)

Corporate slave Yuuto, under the influence of drunkeness, summoned the demon Morax. He made a contract with him where, in return of granting a single wish, Morax would receive his soul. Yuuto had used his wish to “become happy,” and so began his comfortable life of ordering around a demon. However, Morax is the type of demon that feeds off of human bodily fluids and vitality. Because of that, Yuuto ends up having sex with him! They continue this strange cohabitation with a demon…?!

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Hime Muko

Hime Muko 4.5 (6)

Shiki and Yamato are childhood friends, living in a village in Yamatai. Yamato, who always protects Shiki from bullies, has a personality as radiant as the sun. Furthermore, he unknowingly trifles with Shiki’s heart with his bright nature. “My heart beats so loud when I’m next to Yamato…” When Shiki realizes his feelings toward Yamato, Yamato also notices himself falling for Shiki’s beautiful crimson eyes.

However, fate tears the two apart, and they never see each other again. After ten years of holding onto his feelings for Shiki, Yamato reunites with a certain “man”…

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