Unmei no Hito to Deaeru Koisuru Apuri v2

Unmei no Hito to Deaeru Koisuru Apuri 5 (3)

One day at school, a friend shows Hiroto Kyono a new app called “Meet your Soulmate”.

However, Kyono is indifferent to love and doesn’t believe in fortune-telling apps…until Kyono meets a guy on the train who looks exactly like how the app described his soulmate!

Could this guy really be his soulmate?

How can Kyono close the distance between them so they can become friends? And then something more?

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Nakanai Hibari

Nakanai Hibari 5 (1)

Why do you bear no grudge towards me? Why do you like me? I know how you feel about me, yet I pretend not to notice…

Kyosumi, an up-and-coming photographer lives with his late best friend’s younger brother, Hibari. He looks after Hibari as he feels responsible for the death of his best friend as well as colleague. Kyosumi has sworn an oath to be Hibari’s family, after he had lost his only blood relative.

I took your loved one away from you.

However, Hibari has feelings for Kyosumi which he cannot tell him about…?

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