Roku to Rui

Roku to Rui 3.8 (6)

My heart fluttered just a bit, maybe.

Takanashi Rui dreams of a fulfilling a successful campus life. He was called out for a confession from a girl he’s interested in, but as he headed there in anticipation, it was his childhood friend, Koga Roku, that was there instead. When thinking back on it, Roku was always there to get in the way of important moments. From stealing girls he liked to kissing him half-jokingly… Rui couldn’t take it any longer, and Roku unexpectedly told him, “I’ve liked you for a long time” …?!

I never knew my childhood friend could make such a face!! The beginning of a heart-pounding romance between overly perverse Roku and love novice Rui. ★

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Shitsuji ga Megane wo Hazusuyoru

Shitsuji ga Megane wo Hazusuyoru 4.2 (5)

Kounosuke is the son of the Sumeragi industrial group and is a playboy. Hitsuji, the head butler, always chastises him for his bad attitude. Wanting to exact revenge on his strict and handsome butler, Kounosuke slips aphrodisiac into his black tea. Even after watching him for a while, there was no change, and so to test the drug’s effectiveness, Kounosuke drank it himself. As he does, the medicine takes effect immediately and causes him to become sexually excited…?!

In addition, the compilation of “”Honey Love Butler””, the romance between a young and extremely popular violinist nobleman with a servant, both with different social statuses.

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castehate v3

Castehate 5 (6)

Living the high school life, being admired by all the other species in his school, Rurikawa (Wolf. Alpha. Male.) meets a lower species, Kyougokuin (Rabbit. Beta. Male.) As soon as their eyes meet, Rurikawa thinks, “I want to breed this beautiful creature.” He’s suddenly unable to control his urges as he’s turned on. In a world where men can also become pregnant, this series tells the story of high school boys being led around by their instincts and fate.

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Fascination Melt

Fascination Melt 5 (2)

Lucky, an incubus attending demon school, has been assigned to make a human fall in love with him as a graduation requirement. His target is Aoi, and Lucky easily gets invited into his house and flawlessly invites him into bed. “With this, I’m sure to pass!” Lucky celebrated, but his body and heart have been melted by Aoi’s tricks…?!

☆ The heart-pounding love trial between an impregnable, handsome college student and a simple and pure incubus.

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Fugai Nai Koi

Fugai Nai Koi 5 (3)

Yukito’s love for his older childhood friend, Keiichi, has only grown more complicated, and has led him to have physical relationships with several men. Yukito has led a debauched lifestyle, but after a few years, he meets Keiichi again. For Keiichi’s sake, he resumes his role as the childhood friend. However, one night, when Keiichi comes over to stay, Yukito’s sexual desires causes him to masturbate while thinking of him.

He meets a sex friend one day without Keiichi’s knowledge, but unexpectedly, he was discovered…?!

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