Undead 4.3 (18)

The world has fallen to ruin due to an unknown virus that brings the dead back to life as zombies that attack people.

Hikaru is a high school student who was attacked by his zombified mother. He escaped together with his childhood friend, Ai, whom he looked up to as an older brother. However, Hikaru is unable to accept the misfortune that suddenly befell him. On the other hand, Ai, who has watched over Hikaru since they were young…

Can love be obtained in
a world that has fallen into ruins?!

An apocalyptic BL to watch out for!

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Kami Kon ni Ai

Kamiato ni Ai 0 (0)

Shino and Kazuto are employed as detectives in a police organization that is part of the island country Sakura. The two have known each other since they were children, but during the last few years, Kazuto has been acting strange. Rumors of Kazuto being obsessed with Shino have formed within the jurisdiction. After requesting to be transferred to the same department as Shino, and forcibly getting involved in an investigation, he kisses Shino and pushes him into getting into a sexual relationship with him! Shino refuses, saying it’s impossible, but he’s unable to completely reject him as it’d only be a nuisance to all of the time they’d spent together. This time, the two have been assigned to carry out a joint investigation together, but…?

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