Deisui Shite Osotta no wa Suki na Hito no Otouto Deshita

Deisui Shite Osotta no wa Suki na Hito no Otouto Deshita 4.7 (7)

A marriage announcement from his first love! That night, after giving into his despair and getting drunk, Akira forced his first love’s younger brother to sleep with him.

Through the years, Haruto started looking more and more like his older brother, so Akira tried to avoid him. He didn’t want to develop any strange feelings towards Haruto, but it still ended up happening…! Akira is afraid that he traumatized Haruto, who genuinely tried to care for him. But then… ”Don’t act like that in front of anyone but me.”

After just one night, he suddenly acts like a boyfriend!? An extremely cheerful Haruto starts chasing after him, and although surprised, Akira follows his lead. It wasn’t supposed to be serious at first. But Haruto becomes more and more important to Akira as he sees Haruto’s admirable devotion…

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Attachment Love 5 (4)

One night, Hiyama, a police officer working in a small neighborhood police station, provides counselling for a college student, Okazaki, who had attempted to flash his body at people. Hiyama, unable to leave the naive Okazaki alone, who only resorted to what he did as he was unable to properly vent out his peculiar fetish, called out to Okazaki asking, “If you’re fine with me, shall I keep you company?” And from then on, the days of their secret meetings kept from everyone in a unrecognized hotel began…?!

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