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Please consider donating so we can keep purchasing high quality raws. Donators gain a permanent VIP role in our Discord server, as well as a private account on our website that gives access to VIP only projects, and early sneak peaks.

Gain access to our private projects.

Gain access to chapters before they are released publicly.

Receive a special role in our server which places you right below staff.

Help us continue to purchase high quality raws.

24/7 support from our staff regarding any isssues in our Discord server.

Help us decide which project to choose for our next project!

You should receive an email regarding your VIP role within a week. Please wait up to 1 week after donating before contacting us. We will contact you via your Paypal email. Please check your spam email as well since we’ve had some cases where it winds up in there.

Get access to all of the following projects: