Projects where the plot or setting, or character back story is sad or tragic, or where the plot contains heavy angst.

Tsumi to Toga

Tsumi to Toga 4.9 (22)

I can only feel aroused around people that don’t move.

A psychopath who does not know love × A young boy in despair over life. A near-maddening love-hate relationship story…

Raised by a single parent, Subaru was forced to work to pay rent while enduring abuse from his mother with a dependent personality disorder, and her lover. One day, Subaru’s advanced wages are stolen by his mother’s lover. To make matters worse, he overhears a conversation between his mother and her lover, who are both plotting to kill him to obtain his insurance money.

“I wonder why I’m alive…”

He loses his will to live and wishes to die. When trying to act on his thoughts, a man he doesn’t recognise, Kousei, approaches him and asks him to be his instead of committing suicide.

To Subaru, who had been faced with despair, those words seemed to be like sweet temptation…

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Guren no Arma 0 (0)

Enter Weiter Andreon, a young witch with special abilities to communicate with fairies. That day, saddened by her parent’s death, Weiter wanders into her back garden where she finds a wounded young man. Weiter decides to take this young man under her wing despite meeting objections from everyone else but her uncle’s friends. In the magical lands of Alma, where Gurens are worshiped as guardians and protectors, Weiter finds herself beginning a new adventure with this mysterious young man who appears to be more than what he seems.

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Ookami wa Tantei o Tabetai

Ookami wa Tantei o Tabetai 4.4 (10)

have no confidence that I can “wait”.

“Werewolf Syndrome” – The spontaneous onset of a strange disease. Those who are affected present symptoms such as attacking and devouring humans. In this world, this is merely an urban legend, but, 10 years ago, Reito’s brother was killed by a werewolf. Since then he has spent his life as a lone detective in order to expose the truth behind werewolves. Under such circumstances, he meets his estranged nephew for the first time in 10 years. Reito was briefly surprised to see that Yoru, who used to be a crybaby, is now a dashing university student who towers over him. Shortly after, Yoru suggests that Reito should hire him in the detective agency…?!

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Kanashiki Ningyo

Kanashiki Ningyo 5 (1)

“You are beautiful and kind… you are my mermaid.”

Umi, a tattoo artist who carries a mermaid’s curse, was born with a jet black right eye, and hid the right side of his body which carried an ugly birthmark from the curse. In order to hide this birthmark which even his parents despised, he covered it with a beautiful tattoo, and continued to live his life while hiding himself from the world. However, a chance encounter with a swindling spirit medium changed his life.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime love of a young man who was called a monster.”

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Undead 4.3 (18)

The world has fallen to ruin due to an unknown virus that brings the dead back to life as zombies that attack people.

Hikaru is a high school student who was attacked by his zombified mother. He escaped together with his childhood friend, Ai, whom he looked up to as an older brother. However, Hikaru is unable to accept the misfortune that suddenly befell him. On the other hand, Ai, who has watched over Hikaru since they were young…

Can love be obtained in
a world that has fallen into ruins?!

An apocalyptic BL to watch out for!

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Ibara no Shokutaku

Ibara no Shokutaku 2.3 (3)

Itoi is a young editor who has always avoided working on cookbooks, until he had no choice but to take over for his boss and work with the beautiful but sharp-tongued master chef, Kashima. Kashima soon figures out the reason why Itoi is uncomfortable with cooking… Meanwhile, Sudou is Itoi’s competent but twisted superior at work, and Natsume is a food photographer who avoids portraits. What starts as a hook up turns into an exciting love story, in the debut work of the up and coming Hasami Sahara!

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Nakanai Hibari

Nakanai Hibari 5 (1)

Why do you bear no grudge towards me? Why do you like me? I know how you feel about me, yet I pretend not to notice…

Kyosumi, an up-and-coming photographer lives with his late best friend’s younger brother, Hibari. He looks after Hibari as he feels responsible for the death of his best friend as well as colleague. Kyosumi has sworn an oath to be Hibari’s family, after he had lost his only blood relative.

I took your loved one away from you.

However, Hibari has feelings for Kyosumi which he cannot tell him about…?

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