Ongoing Projects by Good Girls

Tsumi to Toga

Tsumi to Toga 4.9 (22)

I can only feel aroused around people that don’t move.

A psychopath who does not know love × A young boy in despair over life. A near-maddening love-hate relationship story…

Raised by a single parent, Subaru was forced to work to pay rent while enduring abuse from his mother with a dependent personality disorder, and her lover. One day, Subaru’s advanced wages are stolen by his mother’s lover. To make matters worse, he overhears a conversation between his mother and her lover, who are both plotting to kill him to obtain his insurance money.

“I wonder why I’m alive…”

He loses his will to live and wishes to die. When trying to act on his thoughts, a man he doesn’t recognise, Kousei, approaches him and asks him to be his instead of committing suicide.

To Subaru, who had been faced with despair, those words seemed to be like sweet temptation…

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A beautiful Affection

A Beautiful Affection 4 (4)

Once every day, Jiwoon confesses his love for Sejin, a student at the same university. Sejin always turns him down, telling him that Jiwoon would not like his preferences. However, they eventually become lovers, after Jiwoon promises him that he will never leave him.

Jiwoon is happy to get close to Sejin, but Sejin starts revealing his secretive and sadistic preferences little by little. Inhyuk, Jiwoon’s friend who has had a secret crush on him, remembers Sejin’s past and worries for Jiwoon.

And so, Inhyuk starts a psychological war with Sejin while lingering around Jiwoon…!

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Jousou Layer ga Joushi ni Baretara Shinuru 5 (10)

I don’t want my life to end while I’m still a crossdresser who’s a virgin! But what I don’t want even more is to be filmed and fawned over!

Yuuto, the fresh recruit being pushed around by his playboy boss, Sayama, is actually a big otaku cosplayer who pretends to be a girl online with over 500,000 followers. Panicking upon finding out Sayama is a big fan of his, he momentarily feels relieved to know that his identity had not been discovered. Sayama has made Yuuto work overtime again today, but the latter is in high spirits. Tomorrow, he’s getting a cameraman he admires to take his photo. However, the person who shows up the following day is Sayama…?!

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Seventeen Syrups

Seventeen Syrups 4.5 (45)

High school 2nd year student, Seo Kentaru, is quite popular in his class for his ikemen looks. One day, he decides to skip his class and rest at the infirmary, where he comes across even more popular 3rd year senpai, Ikuta Mizukai. After their first meeting, Seo decides to avoid him since he is the type he can’t handle… but Mizuki keeps on approaching him on a regular basis.

Although Seo decided to avoid Mizuki initially, his eyes can’t seem but to search for Mizuki everywhere. The more they meet, the more Seo becomes drawn to his charming senpai with the unusually colored eyes and hair. And along the way, he keeps on getting jealous when he sees Mizuki flirting with other girls and kisses him out of impulse.

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Muchuu ni Naru Yo

Muchuu ni Naruu Yo 4.9 (48)

Towa and Yamato are twins with very different personalities. Yamato is loud, outgoing, and regularly gets into fights, and Towa is quiet, studious, and always suffering the after effects of Yamato’s actions as he’s always being mistaken for his brother.

On his way home from school one day, Towa suddenly meets Mitsuru, a mysterious, young delinquent whilst being beaten up by the school gang who mistakes him for Yamato. But Mitsuru can tell them apart…

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