Daydream Nightmare 0 (0)

Kusumi views Ichi as his god. He has no interest in real life girls because anime is his life. Meet Ichi. He has a secret that no one knows about, and he fights to hide it from others. He also has a past that seems to be surfacing through his dreams. But what does it mean when a guy promises to protect him by eating the “bad things”? Join Ichi in his adventure to find out about himself, and what his secret really holds.

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Saishuu Heiki Kareshi

Saishuu Heiki Kareshi 3.5 (2)

Chapter 1&2:
Saishuu Heiki Kareshi

Chapter 3:
The pastry shop Natsuki works at as a patisserie has been garnering a lot of interest ever since it was featured in a magazine article. The shop has been receiving tons of new customers – which was to be expected, except when one particular visitor comes in.

Chapter 4&5:
Asahi Kikuchi is a university boy who has a hole in his memory and a real problem remembering people’s faces and names. One day, he meets the waiter at a restaurant right after his girlfriend dumps him, and can’t help noticing how much he looks like his first love.

Chapter 6:

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